New Projects

  • Self Defense for Girls

    Calcutta Foundation is supporting Mahima Varma’s project: “Girls for Tomorrow”, to teach self-defense to young girls from less-advantaged families through interaction with them, on the need for self-defense and the significance of taekwondo. 17-year old, Mahima, has conceptualized this project.

  • Kolkata Youth Orchestra

    In 2011 Sanjib Mondal formed a chamber Orchestra, Kolkata Youth Orchestra. His aim is to provide a platform for local young talents to acquire professional skills in the field of Western classical music.

    Most of the musicians in KYO (including Sanjib) are students or ex-students of the Behala Oxford Mission or Roger Music School, Kolkata

    Further its commitment of preserving tradition, and through the universal language of music, KYO strives to promoting cultural exchange between the East and the West.

    Calcutta Foundation hopes to firmly support the cause of teaching music to needy children.

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