Disaster Relief

  • Calcutta Foundation (in collaboration with Rotary India Humanity Foundation) sent 100 Shelter Kits to survivors of the Nepal earthquake. The shelter kits contained items of everyday use, such as sheets of tarpaulins to make temporary tents, blankets, stove, cooking utensils, clothes and a variety of dry food.

    Financial support was also provided for the construction of 100 shelter homes for survivors of Nepal earthquake.
  • A team of Calcutta Foundation volunteers repeatedly visited Sunderbans, with 1,000 Shelter Kits for survivors of Aila Cyclone that hit parts of West Bengal, and caused huge loss of life and damage to property and vegetation, specially on the remote islands of Sunderbans.

    A medical team went to help with problems of health and hygiene for the survivors.

    Funds, on this occasion, came from the German Consulate, Kolkata, for the Shelter Kits, which supplied the basic amenities to the survivors.
  • Funds were raised at the Oberoi Grand with Steve Waugh as the patron, for construction of 800 low cost shelters on Andaman and Nicobar Islands, for Tsunami survivors. 800 shelter kits and toys for children were provided.
  • Calcutta Foundation conducted extensive relief work, with Rotary Mahanagar, during the devastating Bihar floods. 2000 shelter kits, sponsored by friends of CF and Rotary, were distributed to flood victims. Each shelter kit contained the essentials of what a family of 4 would need.

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